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fun diving

We offer diving tour for everyone from beginners to advanced divers.
Please enjoy the great nature of Hokkaido to your heart's content.


*All prices shown include consumption tax.
*Summer season is from May to November, and winter season
is from December to April.
*Diving tour includes weights, tank, guide, and facility usage fee.
*Heating fee (770 yen) will be added separately in winter.
*For safety reasons, please bring a marker buoy, dive alert, hammer head, etc. for each dive.

Diving fee

2 boat diving (summer price)

15,950 yen

1 boat diving (summer price)

9,900 yen

2 boat diving (winter price)

19,250 yen

1 boat diving (winter price)

12,100 yen

Additional diving (summer price)

6,050 yen

Additional diving (winter price)

7,700 yen

1 Boat Night Diving (Spring-Autumn)

12,100 yen

*Winter rate period is from December to April.

Other charges

2F facility usage fee (1 day)

4,180 yen

Meal (dinner)

2,200 yen
Please enjoy delicious dishes made with luxuriously fresh ingredients unique to Shakotan.

Meal (lunch)

End of offer
Lunch service has ended.
We sell a variety of retort food products, so please take advantage of them.

Meal (breakfast)

880 yen
We will prepare a delicious breakfast that will wake you up and give you energy.

rental equipment

regulator set

2,200 yen

Regulator set (cold region specification)

3,300 yen

dive computer

2,750 yen


2,200 yen

dry suit

5,500 yen

weight vest

1,100 yen


3,850 yen


550 yen


550 yen

mask snorkel

550 yen


880 yen

vest with hood

1,100 yen

heat vest

4,400 yen

underwater light

1,650 yen

underwater camera

3,850 yen
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