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Shakotan's four seasons

Temperature: 6℃~16℃

​Water temperature: 5℃~14℃

Temperature: 22℃~16℃

​Water temperature: 15℃~22℃

Temperature: 9℃~3℃

​Water temperature: 21℃~8℃

Temperature: -7℃~0℃

​Water temperature: 7℃~4℃

Cape Shakotan, which juts out at the northernmost tip of Shakotan, is a popular area that has been selected as one of Japan's top 100 beaches and is the only underwater park in Hokkaido.
The coastline has steep cliffs carved by the rough waves of the Sea of Japan, and to the west is the view of Cape Kamui, which is very popular with tourists.
Even in the sea, there are strange rocks and columnar joints, making it a popular spot for divers who like topography.
It is also an exciting area for divers who like cameras and videos, as it is highly transparent and you can encounter a variety of creatures throughout the year.
From around June, schools of tens of thousands of Dall's porpoises and beaked whales of 12 to 3 meters can be seen off the coast of each point.
By the way, around April, killer whales migrate in groups.

Shakotan Peninsula Horomui's four seasons

Spring (April to June)

Average water temperature: 5°C to 14°C It's hatchout season!

The hatching of waterfish fry begins.
This is the season when you can see the migration of Atka mackerel, the sea lion watching on the surface of the water, and the abundance of big fish such as dolphins, whales, and flounder.

Summer (July-September)

Average water temperature 15℃~22℃ It's Shakotan Blue season!
This is the best season to see many fish such as flounder, Japanese common squid, rockfish, and young kobudai.
The visibility is good and you can dive even in a wet suit.

Autumn (October to December)

Average water temperature 21℃~8℃ It's spawning season!
The sights of tuna watching, greenling spawning, atka mackerel spawning, and pillars standing are spectacular.
It is the season when the original sea lion watching season is in full swing.

Winter (January to March)

Average water temperature 7℃~4℃ It's sea mammal season!
There are many creatures unique to the Shakotan Peninsula, such as sea lions, water octopuses, common octopuses, dragonfish, and waterfish!
Many people come back to ice diving again, and once you try it, you'll be hooked!

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