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The Shakotan Peninsula is a treasure trove of Hokkaido's most unusual creatures, including sea lions, Steller's sea eagles, and harbor seals.
Encounters with rare animals and creatures that are completely different from those found in the Pacific Ocean are guaranteed to be unforgettable memories.

Shakotan Peninsula Horomui

Aqua Cat Horomui Diving Camp

  1. Proceed along National Route 5 to Otaru and then Yoichi. From Yoichi, follow the signs for ``Cape Kamui'' or ``Cape Shakotan.'' Transfer from Route 5 to Route 229 in Yoichi City, pass Furubira, and continue on to Bikuni. There are no convenience stores or other shops after Bikuni, so please do your shopping in Bikuni.

  2. As you drive through Bikuni, you will eventually see Shakotan Town Hall (Fuji Sushi), turn left there and climb the mountain pass. After you cross the mountain pass, you will go straight for a while. Look for the  ice cream shop on your right, then continue straight ahead. After a while, you will see a road sign and a store on the right, so turn right here.

  3. The road sign  ``Hokkaido Road 913'' Nozuka-Fumi Line. The forest road continues for a while. After driving for a while, you will see a village, and there will be a guide on the right side of a gentle left curve. Turn right there, go up the slope, and go down to Horomui Port. Aqua Cat Horomui Diving Camp is located right in front of Horomui Port. The landmark is a cat with a snorkel in its mouth and the AQUA CAT logo.

At our store, we basically gather on-site and disband on-site, so please be careful on the day of your visit.

About the meeting place on the day

Approximately 2 hours by car from Sapporo (Highway Sapporo Road) 2 hours and 30 minutes in winter Sapporo - Otaru - Yoichi - Furuhira - Bikuni - Horomui
Route 229 - Enter Route 913 from the town of Horomui and go to the Cape Makkah signboard to Horomui Fishing Port.
Aqua Cat Map Code: 938 661 734

If you are coming by your own car

Please send your diving equipment by courier to the address below.

Aqua Cat Horomui Diving Camp
226 Horomui, Shakotan-cho, Shakotan-gun
TEL: 0135-45-6789

Where to send diving equipment

Meowsuke Hotel Carbonated Hot Spring Shirara Hime no Yu

14-2 Nishikawa-cho, Shakotan-cho, Shakotan-gun

TEL 0135-48-5550

FAX 0135-48-5508

Parking lot 20 cars

Closed: Monday, Tuesday

From May 9th, our regular holidays will be changed to Mondays and Tuesdays as follows:

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 14:00-19:30 (last entry until 19:00)

Saturdays and Sundays: 12:00-19:30 (last entry until 19:00)

Nagomi no Yado Iida


28 Yobetsu-cho, Shakotan-cho, Shakotan-gun, Hokkaido



Affiliated accommodation

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